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Often said it is the biggest day of your life, your wedding. You just want it to go smoothly without a hitch.

What is the secret to a successful wedding?

My advice is always to hire experts. Find the people that know how to. You are looking for people that have been there and done it. It’s that simple.

How To Find A Expert

A recommendation is always a great way to go. Ask people you trust for a recommendation. But be cautious of some recommendations. That may sound strange, surely a recommendation is a testament that the supplier is the very best. In most cases, you could trust a recommendation. The main question to ask is why are they recommending the supplier?

There are many reasons why suppliers are recommended. The most compelling reason is they are the very best. Other reasons may not be as good.

Someone knows someone.

Just knowing a supplier may not be enough. For example, my neighbours know that I am a DJ. Only a few have ever seen my work. They can tell you that I am a great guy, but can’t tell you first hand if I am any good. (I am that good)

Secondly, you could be getting a recommendation for a novice DJ. Someone that practices in their bedroom every day. They may be able to mix two tracks perfectly. Yet they have no real-world experience, let alone DJing a wedding.

Another reason for recommendations is there is something in it for the person recommending. It could be a backhander.  In the case of some venues, they may charge suppliers to be recommended. I was one of the preferred suppliers at a local venue. They recommended me because they liked the way I worked and their customers liked my work. When the new owner took over this wedding venue they wanted a payment to be included on their wedding suppliers list. Plus they wanted a payment for each booking from their website. This would have meant increasing my prices to cover the fees. In this instance, clients are being recommended, suppliers that pay the most not necessarily the best supplier.

A lot of venues are now not recommending DJs but event companies. Many are massive companies with many weddings on the go each day. Just something to think about.

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