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Gary Scott Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ for Hertfordshire, Wedding DJ for Essex and surrounding areas. With over 30 years experience Gary is often referred to as an expert wedding DJ. Not every DJ knows how to craft the perfect wedding. Djing is more than just playing a few tracks. There is a lot of wedding etiquette to follow. Even if your wedding is less formal, your DJ should know how to guide you.

Keeping It All Following Smoothly

Wedding DJs need to be able to coordinate with the other suppliers. There are many things going on behind the scene. Your DJ will need to know how to make this run smoothly.

You may read all the wedding magazines, plan everything exactly. Often things that you didn’t plan for happen. An experienced DJ like Gary Scott will know to overcome any issues.

It’s All about Your Wedding

Gary Scott is a sole trader sometimes know as a one-man band DJ. Unlike many DJ companies, Gary only takes on one booking for any date. Some DJ companies may have numerous wedding on any given date. Your wedding just becomes just a number to many companies.

Gary is able to focus on your wedding. From the moment you book Gary Scott The Wedding DJ. He is with you every step of the way. The online planning forms allow you to plan your wedding 24/7.  You can also pick your favourite tracks to be played. You can call anytime with any questions or updates. The best part you speak to Gary, not a salesperson.

Totally dedicated one to one service. Gary doesn’t have a large company to hide behind, his reputation is on the line. With many 5 Star reviews, Gary wants your wedding to be the very best wedding.

Gary doesn’t cram his diary full of bookings. He wants to ensure that he is fresh and excited about your wedding.

Call Gary to discover why so many Bride & Grooms choose Gary Scott The Wedding DJ

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