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Gary The Magic DJ, Suprised?

Gary is also a Magician. For the last 20 years or so Gary has studied the art of magic. His teachers have included many well-known names of magic. Also many of the unknown names behind the famous magicians.gary the magic DJ

Booking Gary Scott the DJ he is happy to show magic on a casual basis. In other words a trick or two to a few of your guests. If you would really like to make magic a feature of your event. Gary offers two extra services. Gary The Magic DJ more details here. Booking Gary The Magic DJ will mean we will formally agree on times for the magic and DJing. For example, an hour of magic at the start then DJing.

Ask About The Best Value Magic Package

The Premium Service is The Magic Disco. This represents great value. Booking the Magic Disco brings together two entertainers for the event.The Magic Disco Magician and DJ The Magic Disco saves you money compared to booking Gary and Kevin Individually. You can discover more about The Magic Disco Here.

Let me tell you a bit about the magic. For years magician where thought as clowns. You know the thing you book to entertain the children. These days magic is not just for kids. Magic is now back in vogue. The likes of Derren Brown, David Blaine & Dynamo are well-known magicians. The X Factor also features a lot of magicians. That is because the public are back in love with magic.

See It With Your Own Eyes

It is one thing to see a trick on TV. To see magic close up right in front of you with no camera tricks is a completely different experience. When you see it on TV I am sure that you question is it a Camera trick? or When you see mind reading, you wonder it was set up in advance.  It becomes magical when you see a card or coin vanish with your own eyes. Or the magician reveals YOUR thoughts.

If one of your friends saw a magician at a party I am sure that told you about a great trick they saw.

Adding magic to your event can add a real buzz to your party. Speak to Gary about magic for your event.

Magician in Hertfordshire
Gary The magic DJ
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Magician in Hertfordshire

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