Gary Scott The Party DJ in Hertfordshire for Essex and Surrounding Areas

Party DJ Gary Scott.

For over 30 years Gary Scott has been the mobile party DJ for Hertfordshire, Essex and surrounding areas.

meaning A Party is a is held by a host who invites a group of people. This is often a celebration. There are many types of parties: this can include Birthday, Suprise, Dinner, Cocktail, Christmas, New Years, Fancy Dress, Fundraising, Graduation, Farewell, to name a but a few. Most parties have many things in common such as food and beverages. parties will often include music and dancing. While food and drink are an important element. The entertainment will have a major influence on the success or failure of the party.

A host organising a party will often spend a lot of time choosing the food but not much time or money on the entertainment.

If you are opting for music and dancing you are likely looking for a DJ. It’s a good bet that you are looking for a Party DJ. (you are on this website)

On my home page, I state that not all Party DJs are the same, not all DJ companies are the same. It’s worth spending a bit of time choosing your DJ. I recommend calling the DJs. That may be a little last century actually picking up the phone. I think you will find it’s well worth the effort.

Booking a DJ you are booking a personality. The only way to judge someone’s personality is talking to them.  Email or text message will never tell if they have a lively fun warming personality. Will all know bookworms or great writers that have absolutely no personality. They may be able to write a compelling email, yet have no social skills. If you call the DJs you will get a feel if they will be the right DJ for you.

Note I said call the DJ, beware there are many DJ companies that are agents or large event companies. In that instance, you may not get to speak to your DJ. The person answering your call is just a salesperson.

I always think that booking a DJ is a very personal thing. Once you have spoken to each DJ you will know when you have found the right DJ. When calling it’s worth asking if you are speaking to the DJ or if the sub the work to other DJs.

Gary Scott with 5-star reviews is an ideal Mobile Party DJ in Herts Essex and surrounding areas. Call Now 01992 878 007

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