My range stretches as far back as the 40’s right up to now. This even includes pre-release songs. It is important to play the right song at the right time. So from the vast library, I’m able to select the right song.

I am prepared to input your playlist into the evening’s music and I will happily take requests on the night. You can plan your music online, via a password-protected section on this website.  To keep the dance floor flowing I will play requested songs when they will fit into the mood of the evening. This enables me to maintain the right music for the right moment. There’s no point playing a slow song followed by banging dance track followed by another slow song. There’s a logic to when each song is played. I am often amazed when someone requests the same song that I was planning to play next. I shouldn’t be amazed, this happens frequently. That’s because I am reading and judging the mood perfectly.  I often say that we are in the zone, it’s as if I am reading your mind. (Don’t worry I am not. Although I can do a few mind reading tricks)

“Something for everyone.” Music to suit all ages. I pride myself on not only knowing my music but also my audience. I am able to judge the crowd and play the music that is right for that moment.

The secret is to play songs that everyone knows if it is old or new. Contrary to belief, it’s not just about sticking a few songs on. Each song is carefully selected to match the mood and atmosphere. It’s my experience that enables me to program the night. You know how you feel when you have been to a great concert or show. I am programming the music during the night in such away to send them home wanting more!

Before taking on any booking I prefer to talk to you to understand the music required. I am not one of those DJs that will try to blag the night. There are DJ companies that will accept all bookings not caring about what you want. These companies, are the ones that just want to fill up the diary with dates and only care about the profit. I care about your event, I want the same as you. I want your event to be the very best. I want to see your guests enjoy themselves. If I am unsure that I can provide the style of music as good as I would like, then I will turn a job away. I am a party DJ therefore suited to Party type functions Weddings, birthdays etc, playing a full range of music. To be honest the type of music I play is what you would expect to hear at most parties. I also have a massive knowledge of music.
So please call to discuss your needs 01992 878007

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