The Mobile DJ in Hertfordshire Making Great Parties For Over 30 Years

Gary Scott Mobile DJ in Hertfordshire. Gary has been DJing for over 30 years. Gary has worked in almost all of the venues in South Herts and further afield.

Many venues in Hertfordshire have recommended Gary Scott as their preferred supplier.

Being based in Hertfordshire makes an ideal location to travel to Essex, North and East London.

Gary has been the Wedding DJ in Hertfordshire the choice for many brides.

Staying true to his beliefs about customer service. Gary has resisted growing the mobile disco to an event company or even an agency. Both are very tempting if it is all about the money. Being the very best he can be is more important. Each year Gary limits the number of bookings he books. This has many benefits for his clients. The first thing that springs to mind is the saying “You can never get too much of a good thing" I promise you can get too much. Maybe you have a food you like. I am sure if that was all you ate you would soon get fed up eating the same thing. So being lucky to have a great job as a DJ can still mean that you can have too much of a good thing. Limiting the number of bookings means that he is always fresh for each event.

Why not expand the business? The simple answer is focus. Becoming an agent can be very lucrative. You get to make money from each DJ you have working any night. The problem is what happens if something goes wrong at another event. Gary would have to sort that out while DJing at your event. Therefore not focusing on your party.

An event company is also another way to make extra money. What is an event company? Well, they come in all shapes and sizes. essentially, an event company offers multiple products, not just a mobile DJ in Hertfordshire. You may find they offer to decorate the venue. They may offer a verity of artists. This brings me back to focus again. With so much going on, where should the focus be? Another well-known phrase springs to mind “jack of all trades, master of none"

Gary wants you to have to have his full attention during your party. Being able to focus on his main role at your party, Entertainment!

As mentioned above limiting the number of bookings has many advantages for you, the client. You are not a number or a date in the diary. From the moment you book Gary, you will see his personal attention. Unlike many of the agency or event companies, you get consult directly with Gary your DJ. You can call anytime with questions etc.

Another advantage to booking Gary directly is you get to decide if you like him or not. I am sure you will like him 🙂 When you call to inquire, Gary will answer the phone. It won’t be a salesperson just anxious to fill the diary with bookings.

Gary is The Wedding DJ in Hertfordshire with many 5 star reviews. Booking a Party in Hertfordshire Gary should be the first DJ to call.

Contact us now 01992 878007


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