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Recently I was adding my details to a Dj listings site and they asked a few questions about me. I thought you would like to read the questions and my answers to get to know me a little better. A few of the answers include magic. I am also a magician. This website focuses on my work as a mobile DJ. If you are interested in finding out more about magic please contact me or visit Gary The Magic DJ

More About Gary Scott DJ From Hertfordshire

Describe in detail what your company offers?

Gary Scott &

Does exactly what it says on the tin to borrow an expression.

Gary Scott Mobile DJ has been making great parties for over 30 years. Djing all types of events Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Parties, you name it I have possibly done it. I have even Djed at a wake. It was a great celebration of life. Blends to great entertainments dancing and magic. You can choose close up walk around magic followed by dancing. Close up walk around magic is great early evening. It’s a great way to break the ice and get your guests talking to each other. I have learnt from some of the world’s greatest magicians. You can book me just as a magician.

What’s the secret to keeping a party dancing all night long?

Playing the right song at the right time. I can feel the atmosphere in the room. My job is to guide the party.

As an experienced DJ programming, the night is the most important element for keeping the night flowing. Being able to pull on my vast musical knowledge is the secret to my success. I like all types of music. I am not a DJ that believes they stopped making great music after the 80’s Or all music made before 2010 is rubbish. Every era has many great songs. I love discovering older tracks at the same time I can’t wait to receive my next batch of new tracks.

How would you describe your ‘style’?

My DJing style, I would describe as Party DJ. I am great with all ages. I lean towards playing hits, well-known tracks. When working for a party with a mixture of ages, I try to play tracks that are known to all. I often let the music do the talking. I don’t overuse the microphone. There is no point in speaking just to hear my voice. If the mood is right I interact with the guests. I have a likeable friendly style. I am very approachable and happy to chat to your guests one to one. Many like to know more about my radio career.

As a Magician, my friendly approachable nature will put your guests at ease. I mainly focus on close up magic. Performing to small groups. They get to see miracles happen right in front of their eyes, even in their own hands. I also have a passion for an area of magic known as mentalism. It’s the type of magic that Derren Brown is known for. Some call it Mind Reading. I always get a great reaction when demonstrating mind reading.

Take us through your show – what can we expect?

That’s a big question. It depends on what you have booked. As a DJ I tailor my show to you and your guests. No two nights are the same. One night I could be playing banging club tunes. The next event could see me playing Motown or something totally different. I like to get to know you. That way I can create the perfect mix of music. I also have a free online planning system. This allows you to pick your favourite tracks from my vast music collection.

If you book Gary The Magic DJ. Then we will agree times for magic and dancing. If you book just me as a DJ. I may be able to show a few people a few tricks.

If it is Gary the Magician I will walk around showing amazing close-up magic. This can include mind reading also called mentalism. Magic always receives a great reaction and is remembered for a long time.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Honestly, I wanted to be on Radio One. I thought the route to Radio One was being a mobile DJ. I soon found out that radio and mobile DJing are two completely different skill sets. My mobile DJing work grew and I got a great reputation locally. As a mobile DJ, I have achieved a lot. Yes, I have made it to Radio. Not Radio One but I can be heard on Radio Stations across the UK including BBC Radio.

What do you love most about your job?

I am the luckiest guy in the world. I get to be part of very special moments. I get to meet great people from all walks of life. I don’t think I can put into words how it makes me feel being the person that helps make a party into a great party.

Why should our clients choose you?

If I had a big ego I would say I am the best and that there is no one better. But to be honest I don’t have an ego and the truth is there are many great DJs and Magicians available to book. Equally, there are even more cowboys ready to rip you off and possibly let you down.

I have many five star reviews for my work across the web.

I am passionate about my work. I like nothing more than ensuring that you have a great event. I often receive comments such as “you can tell you really enjoy your work"

I am totally dedicated to your event. I limit the number of bookings I accept each year. I don’t sub work to others. If you book me you get me. You don’t have to deal with an intermediary. You get to contact me directly. This allows us to get to know each other before the event.

All bookings are confirmed in writing that’s your guarantee that you can book with confidence.

I offer FREE Online Event Planning Forms
You can plan the day
You can also plan your music if you like.
You don’t have to you can leave it to me.