Will you play on if required?

Yes, I am happy to stay later. There will be an extra fee

I will only play on past the set deadline if:
The function room proprietor agrees. The outstanding balance for the hire was settled at the beginning of the evening. The fee for the ‘Extra Time’ (overtime) is paid, before the end of the booked time.

Are you insured?

Yes! I have Public Liability Insurance policy cover. This protects you from negligence on the part of the performer, as well as injury from faulty equipment or sustained through an accident involving any of the equipment or personnel.

Why do prices vary so much?

As with all services, in this business, you generally get what you pay for! When comparing my prices to those of my competitors, remember you are paying for my expertise and assurance as party maker. I often get calls from people who have been let down at the last minute. When I am told how much they were paying for the DJ it’s not a surprise that they have been let down. It’s often the cheaper DJ that seems to let the client down.

I can get a cheaper DJ, will you match the price?

The short answer is NO. I have set my prices to reflect my experience, the high quality of my equipment, the backups I have in place the list goes on. Often they are cheaper because they cut corners! I prefer to offer a quality service on not a cheap budget service. There are times when a budget service may be right for you. Maybe when you are just looking for some noise in the corner! Most events are special events and I believe need to be treated as such. They may be cheaper, are they offering like for like? If you are on a tight budget you want to consider Do It Yourself DJ

I have another artist on the night is this a problem? (band/singer etc)

I enjoy working with other performers.  I can stage manage this for you. Making sure things happen when they should. A wedding I was Djing at had a Band, a guest singer and fireworks. I made sure everyone knew what they were doing and when. It all worked out perfectly. Please note, your band or singer will need to use their own equipment. Firstly, my kit is only insured for my use. Secondly, my kit is intented to be used for DJing and not singing etc

What Areas Do You Cover?

I live in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. Waltham Cross is just outside of the M25 junction 25 near Enfield. I am ideally located to travel to many areas. A lot of my work is often around Hertfordshire, parts of Essex and North and East London

I am a mobile DJ, I am happy to travel. However there may be an extra fee to cover longer travel times. Don’t let that put you off calling you may find I am still good value. Recently I have traveled to Sussex and Surrey.

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Can’t find an answer please contact me 01992 878007 or Mobile 07941 884481

Gary Scott DJ in Hertfordshire

Gary Scott The Mobile DJ for Hertfordshire