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“Update! I wrote this page a few years ago. While some of it still stands many DJs no longer feature equipment pages. There is an increasing number of DJs with no or very little kit. Venues are reporting that many DJs are just turning up with a Laptop and speakers. No lights or anything else. Their show looks messy and poorly presented. That might be ok for some but if you want to impress do check out what each DJ has to offer. Below are my thoughts and details of my equipment"

Just before I talk about my DJ kit/equipment I wanted to share a thought or two about picking a DJ based on equipment only. Firstly, let me tell you that I am proud of my DJ kit. My thoughts are: Why do us DJs brag about our kit? Why do we include an equipment page? Does your mechanic list the brands of his sockets and spanner? Does your hairdresser list the brand of the scissors they use? Your dentist list the name of the drill? People outside of these trades are unlikely to know anything about the tools they use.
So why do we list our kit? Most of us DJs are geeks! The equipment page is usually the first page I head to when viewing a competitors site. I am sure other DJs do the same when they view my site.  I am not sharing this with you to knock other DJs. I think we are all to blame, focusing our clients on who has the biggest speakers, the most lights etc. The most important element is the user/DJ. Having the best spanners isn’t going to make you a great mechanic. Owning the sharpest pair of scissors, you are not going to be the next celebrity hairdresser.  It’s skill, talent and knowledge that makes you the best. When choosing a DJ you want to focus on the DJ skills & talents, not just the equipment. That said you still want a good looking and sounding set up. Always find out as much as you can about the DJ. I always recommend speaking to the DJ.

The next myth I want to bust is that of the upsell. There are other companies offer various packages. For example gold, silver etc. Once again don’t get to bogged down with do I need to trade up to the one million kilowatt rig with bubbles or whatever. The long and the short of it. Every gig is an advert, I want to look and sound the best I can. I pick the kit that I think will best fit your venue. Yes, there are times that you may want to upgrade. Maybe you are holding an event with thousands attending. If I don’t have the kind of kit. It’s not a problem. This photo shows an event that I did for Tesco at the Novatel in London. Almost all of the kit was installed by another company for my use. I can get hold of almost anything that you may want.


I have included photos of various setups that I use. Using the highest quality equipment means you always get a great sound and impressive lights.
It is almost impossible to say which Items I will use at your event. The equipment is often updated. I am always looking for the next gadget, light or computer program that will enhance my performance. I said above every booking is an advert. I want to leave a lasting impression. I want the show to sound and look the best it can.  please call for a full list.

If you really want to talk about my DJ kit give me a call, I am a geek 🙂 I can talk about it for hours.

The lighting has been carefully chosen to create the perfect atmosphere. The sound is powerful, yet sounds clear. Remember it’s all about the DJ’s Skill

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