Do you have lights?

Yes, I use a number of professional lighting effects. The front of the show is Star Cloth Booth. This looks stunning. It hides the wires. I use a number of other effects. Take a look at the photos on the website.

Do you still use records?

I stopped using records in the 90s and moved over to CD. While it looks cool using old-school vinyl. It has its drawbacks. Such as space, skip and jump etc Now my playout system is computer controlled.

Why are you using a computer?

For many reasons. I need less space to set up in. It gives me more control over the dance floor. I’m able to spend more time watching the dance floor. It’s faster to find a song. The list is endless.

I just spoken to another DJ he offers a number of upgrade options. Do you offer any upgrades?

My rig is very impressive as it is. The lights are stunning and the sound is very crisp and clear. Good bottom end (bass) Top is crisp. So you shouldn’t need to upgrade. However if for some reason you need something special then it is possible to add extra equipment. All you need to do is name the item and it can be add to the show. Because this is not held in stock there will be an extra charge for this service. Cost can be kept to a minimum if you deal directly with the hire company. Please ask for details.

Do You use smoke or fog?

No. Most venues do not allow the use of smoke/ fog. This is because it can trigger the fire alarm.

Can we have dry ice for our first dance?

Yes But there’s an extra charge for this service. But you may wish to think twice before you decide to have dry ice. It is very hazardous to handle. During my research, I discovered that there is also a small risk from the dry ice of suffocation. Dry ice effects are meant to be used in a controlled environment such as a theatre. They have installed extraction fans.

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