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How Much Should I Pay To Book A DJ?

Booking A DJ is something most only do a few times in a lifetime. How would you know if the price quoted is the going rate? Indeed what is the right price to pay for a DJ in Hertfordshire & Essex? A few years ago I created a video explaining about mobile DJ pricing. You can view it below, it should give you something to think about.

The bottom line is you can pay whatever you want for a DJ. There will be a DJ at any price you name. Unfortunately, the barrier is very low to become a DJ. When I started DJing it took a substantial investment to start out. It meant that you had to be serious about being a DJ. Almost anyone can call themselves a DJ. Being a DJ covers many aspects. Being to mix two tracks in a bedroom is one skill. A function DJ is a totally different thing. That’s like suggesting that a bicycle mechanic can repair a lorry. They may have an idea how to do it. But I would want to book the Lorry mechanic. Professional function DJ may not be cheap but they will be worth every penny you pay

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A DJ in Hertfordshire

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