How Much Should I Pay For A Wedding DJ


How much should I pay for a wedding DJ?

How much do wedding DJs cost?

What is the price of a good wedding DJ?


That’s a good question. I often say that you can pay whatever you want. For example if you want to buy a car you can pay whatever you want. I bet if I clicked on ebay there is a car  priced around £10. And a large selection for £100. At the other end of the scale you can pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for a car. Most people when choosing a car will not be able to afford the hundreds of thousand pound car. Equally most will spend much more than £100 on a car. 


When picking a car we set ourself a budget. I would love to own a car worth a hundred thousand pounds. That’s way out of my price range. Yet I wouldn’t trust a car that cost £100. I have to find a car that fits my budget. 


You may want to apply the same rules when booking your wedding entertainment. You could hunt around for the cheapest quote. I bet you could name a price and find a DJ charging that. 


I think the most important thing is value. Does the Dj charging the lowest price offer good value. How much do you value  the entertainment at your wedding? Is it just some noise in the corner, while your guest get drunk and if it wasn’t there it wouldn’t matter. Or is the entertainment an integral part of your day? 


Once you have answered that question. You need to find a DJ you like. Get a number of quotes. Let’s say your quotes range from £150 upwards. You could even be quoted £2,000 or £3,000. What should you pay? Is the DJ charging £2,000 that much better than the £150. Is the DJ charging around £400 good value?


This will depend on your budget, what can you afford? In my example above with the car. Set your budget and get the best for that price range.  What should your budget be? Tough one to answer. I would say that £150 is very low. I would say that spending over £1,000 may be high. But that would also depend on what you are expecting your DJ to do/what equipment you require. A typical wedding is a round 4 hours. Typically 7pm - 11pm or 8pm to Midnight. If for example you wanted music during the service and or meal, you could expect to pay more for this. 


I am not going to tell you how much your budget should be. You have to decide how much value you place on your entertainment. When setting your budget some points to note. We all love a bargain! So do I, but I also know that saying if it seems to good to be true..... Form a clients perspective it’s hard to value the price of a good DJ. It’s difficult to understand what costs are involve in providing a good quality show. There are The obvious costs such as Music, equipment, etc similar costs a most professional businesses incur. These operating cost have to be divide between each of the functions. The difference between the cost of being there and the price charge is the profit. I know that’s obvious  to status that. When you understand that business need to make a profit to survive. Profits needed to reinvest, enhance the product and training.  The reason for mentioning the obvious is to think carefully about the price you pay and does it represent good value? 


Let’s look at  two pricing examples you get a quote for £150 and £400. Which one do you book. We will assume that you are placing great and importance on your entertainment. The £150 seems a great price, well it’s saving you £250.


Well is it such great value? Again look at this from the business point of view. We know people are in business to make a profit. Can the DJ charging £150 be making a profit? Secondly do you care if the DJ is making a profit? 


Yes you should care if the DJ is making a profit. It will get you a better service. It’s all about attitude. I often receive calls from brides that have been let down at the last moment. I would say that in almost all cases the DJ in question was charging less than £200.  In some case what happens is the Dj receives a better offer of work. In other words does your DJ really care about your wedding


The other question you need to ask yourself. How is the DJ managing to make a profit if he is only charging £150. Simple cutting back. I mentioned above about operating costs. You would expect that your DJ is operating legally and safely. One simple way to save on the operating costs is to cut corners and break the law. 


I know if you have never booked a DJ before it can be difficult to know what’s good value or not. If I came to you and said I am selling a top of the range I pad for £20. The first thing you would say to me is what’s wrong with it. That’s because you know that the I pad retails for £300 - £500


So how can you put a value on the cost of a professional DJ. I would suggest you take a look at hourly rates that professionals charge. For example getting your car serviced could cost £80 - £100 per hour plus parts. You could even spend similar hourly rates at the hairdressers. In both these examples you normally are expected to visit them. A DJ travels to you/your venue. Has to install kit and pack down etc.  Also don’t get confused with the hourly rate and wages. Although the Hairdresser/Garage is charing an hourly rate of XX that’s not what they earn. Operating cost have to be deducted. This is the same for a DJ. 


It’s been a long article and hans’t given you a definite answer. I hope that it has gone some way to helping you understand how to place a value on a DJ. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Gary Scott the Wedding DJ. 


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