Wedding DJ Fanhams Hall Hotel Ware Herts

Wedding DJ Fanhams Hall Hotel Ware 

Wedding DJ Fanhams Hall Hotel Ware

Get married? Gary Scott has spent many years providing wedding entertainment at Fanhams Hall Hotel in Ware. whichever Function room the Great Hall or the pavilion My kit  will fit perfctly.


Fanhams Hall Great Hall has a fantastic fireplace. I set my kit in such a way to ensure youur guests can still see the splendor of the Great Hall Fireplace. Checkout this website site you will find many photo of Gary Scott the Wedding DJ at Fanhams Hall Hotel


Fanhams Hall is a great venue for your wedding. Your photography will able to take stunting photos. The grounds are fabulous. there are a number of water features. Your guests will love strolling around the grounds. 


Remember not all DJs are the same. When booking a DJ for your wedding ensure that you book an expert. You want a Wedding DJ at Fanhams Hall that know how to blend the music perfectly for your big day. Give Gary Scott a Call on 01992 878007 to find out how you can book Gary for your Wedding DJ at Fanhams Hall Hotel Ware Herts.